Thursday, 13 May 2010


it looks like I've done a lot of posts in a short while, it's cause I ripped them off my tumblr :P

Set this up as it seems easier. WOO


This weekend my good friend piano moves to Leicester, European capital of er...... culture? Well at least It’s semi near birmingham :P

Going to be pretty sad when saturday comes, BUT - it does mean trips up to see her a lot I hope, so that can only be a good thing.

Garan leaving meal tomorrow - el paso’s in caerdydd. I’m gonna drink pina coladas. Oh yes. I’m not drinking from the jug with the cock on the end though (you’ll know what I’m on about if you’ve ever been there…) I’ll happily drink a girly drink but thats a step too far..

Gonna miss you dude!


Some pics from the weekend with the syb lot. Great fun! Played Swine-down on the friday in the furnace. Always thought this venue was pretty wierd.. Show was pretty full, and a pretty good vibe for when the boys played.

We blagged some cash off the promoter and bought a ridic amount of pizza. Woo.

Drove straight to portsmouth that night to stay with Paul (cheeeeeeers dude)

Woke up late, played some COD - we really should've gone out or something, but the weather was BUNK. Anyway, got to the venue @ 2ish. What a garan place! Nice dressing room, that we shared with the other lot (bummers apart from one safe dude)

Set up all the shizz for SYB, it's kind of wierd looking out and seeing so many young people staring up at you. I can play metal/hardcore shows and feel no nerves, but to have all these massive anime style eyes staring at you is slightly un-nerving!

The boys played a solid set, sold a fair whack of merch too which was awesome.

Club night called CHAOS was after, and sadly it didn't live up to it's name... pretty bunk, but we still had loads of fun. Drunkenness ensued..

Going back out on tour with the boys and veen pa in about a fortnight, so can't wait for that. Things are looking peachy.
yn hapus iawn!

Art Prints that I want....

These are a few of the load that I want for the flat. Buy me some <3


Here's a link to ash's blog and myspace. You can check out the work he's done on me and other dudes such as Gary Pugh, Dom, Rhys etc etc etc.


..yeah, first post... not really sure I understand the point (though this seems to have more of a purpose than twitter from what I can tell..)

Had a rad weekend, got a delish new tattoo off Ash.

yeah boi

So yeah it rules. Won first place @ the convention, and me and Ash got some lovely er plate things. Tom said they remind him of the ones that ladies win in wimbledon, which is kind of rad I guess.

Here's a pic.

Tim thinks I should use it as a drug platter, but as I don't do that kind of stuff, I'm not entirely sure what to do with it.. my nan would've loved it in her house.